Simply mix our syrups with soda / sparkling water over ice and add a garnish if you're feeling fancy. We usually mix them 1 part syrup to 5 parts soda or sparkling water eg. 30mL syrup 150mL water but you can make them stronger or weaker, it's up to you.

Our syrups are made with real ingredients, from plants. We use Fair Trade Organic cane sugar to accentuate the flavours rather than artificial sweeteners and they are all lower sugar than leading soda brands. Using our syrups you can also make them to your taste, use half the syrup for a less sweet option.

The Sparkler is a SodaStream alternative but all soda makers do more or less the same thing, they infuse H2O with CO2. If you want to make the best sparkling water follow these tips: 

always use cold water, the bubbles will infuse better with cold water. It's science. It's easiest to refill the water bottle once you've used it all and put it in the fridge for next time, then you always have cold water on hand. 1 decent push will get you lightly sparkling water, more pushes equals more bubbles.add your Six Barrel Soda flavours after you've added the sparkling water to your glass, the syrup will mix itself in and you won't have to stir it up as much, meaning you keep more bubbles in the water. 

No just water. When sparkling, a small amount of liquid can bubble up through the valves. If the liquid contains sugar or other compounds the valves can break down and the product could potentially be dangerous to use or get mouldy and gross. Never add fruit slices, ice and flavours in the water bottle. Use a jug or mix it directly in a glass. Rinse the water bottle carefully before filling it with water.

No. They can withstand a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, any hotter and they may lose their ability to handle pressure and/or they may melt.

No. Our reusable water bottles are PET with a stainless steel cap and base. They will last for ages and save lots of plastic bottles in the meantime. They do expire eventually and are recyclable at that stage. 

Glass bottles are a massive exploding hazard for home carbonation. 

The Sparkler does not come with a gas cylinder and we don't (currently) offer a gas refill service. But it is compatible with SodaStream and Oh Bubbles gas bottles (30L and 60L) and other similar brands. They are compatible with NZ/AU bottles only, the rest of the world uses different ones for some reason.

The Sparkler takes CO2 gas cylinders from SodaStream, Oh Bubbles and other brands. 

To attach your gas cylinder follow these easy steps:

1. Remove the drip tray and lay the machine down on its side.

2. Unscrew the plastic sealing from the cylinder top.

3. Carefully insert the gas cylinder through the hole at the bottom. Don’t drop the cylinder into the hole.

4. When you feel that it reaches the bottom, begin screwing the cylinder clockwise until it is fastened. Don’t screw too hard since this might break the threads holding the gas cylinder in place.

You should be good to Sparkle. 

To replace the gas cylinder do the opposite ie.: 

1. Remove the drip tray and lay the machine down on its side.

2. Unscrew the gas cylinder anti-clockwise until it comes out. 

3. Put a replacement one in as above. 

In New Zealand you can get SodaStream, Oh Bubbles and other compatible gas cylinders and refills from The Warehouse, Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman, Briscoes and lots of similar stores. 

In Australia you can get them from Coles, Woolworths, Harvey Norman and lots of similar stores. 

The gas is likely empty, try a new gas bottle?
If the gas is full make sure the cylinder is screwed in tight
Listen to see if it sounds like gas is leaking from the bottle, if so the gasket may need replacing. Contact hi@sixbarrelsoda.co and we can help you out.

CO2 sometimes freezes as it comes out of the nozzle, this will quickly
melt and is perfectly harmless, it’s just frozen bubbles. 

Make sure you use Six Barrel Soda syrups, they are delicious and better for you.