Step Up Your Drinks Game

Six Barrel Soda Co. will make your drinks list pop. We supply restaurants, cafés, bars, gift and grocery stores dedicated to quality drinks of all kinds. Our creative soda syrups are perfect for restaurant, café or bar use. You can use them with a soda tap or a water carbonator machine (like our Aarke Carbonators) to make low cost, low waste, high quality sodas and mixed drinks.

Australia Wholesale Orders

Sign up and order direct via our ordering platform Upstock here.

Licensed premises can order through Wine Depot Market here.

For QLD/NSW, order through our pals at Real Friends Supply here.

For VIC, order through Alfies Food Co. here.

We're on the look out for more great distributors who can help us reach our customers, email hi@sixbarrelsoda.co if you're keen to talk.